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Maier Realty logo is symbol of home

In the 35 years since Jack and Theresa Maier started Maier Real Estate, the market has been up and down several times, and home fashions and designs have come and gone.

Through it all, the company logo, a lamp post with a squirrel perched on top, has remained the same and Sandy Maier Schede who now operates the agency with her brother John Maier sees that as significant.

"My parents had a similar lamp post on their front lawn. Later, when my brother and I each bought our own homes, my parents gave each of us one.

"To us, the lamp posts symbolized home. The addition of the squirrel was my mother's touch.

"If you asked me what I do for a living, I could tell you I buy and sell real estate, that I represent builders, that I manage property for absentee landlords.

"But really what I do is deali n people's homes. If you stop to think about it, there is nothing closer to your family than your home. It's a very personal thing.

"And when its time to sell it or look fo ra new home, the service should be personalized too.

"Clients--whether they are buyers or sellers--don't feel like a number when they work with Maier Real Estate. We want them to feel like family.

"My parents are retired now, but my brother and I work very hard to keep that family owned and operated feeling.

"I believe that's why we do so much business in referrals and repeats. People are happy with what we've done for them so they don't hesitate to give our name to someone else.

"And they keep coming back. I can show you houses in this town I have sold three and even four times."

"I'm proud of what my family has accomplished in this business. My mom and dad started off with jut the two of them. Now we have a staff of 22.

"Part of our success is due to our staff. We have several long-term agents on the staff, including Joseph Mucci, Walt Shamock and John Adamski. Our involvement in community organizations and politics has worked to our benefit as well.



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